Half of Malaysians Are Obese!

Based on a study from British medical journal, The Lancet, 49% of women and 44% of men in Malaysia were found to be obese. Children obesity in Malaysia as well, is very alarming as it went up from 10% to almost 14% in 2008.

During the 12th International Congress on Obesity in 2014, Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam said that obesity in Malaysia is a “global epidemic” which has increased from 4.4% in 1996 to 14% in 2006, then gradually increased to 15% in 2011.

 One of the reasons contributing to the high obesity rate are the ‘Mamak’ stalls and open-air outlets that are open 24 hours. This makes food accessible to Malaysians even after dinnertime. In fact, food in Malaysia is diverse, rich in flavour, and high in calories. Take for an example of the common breakfast menu in Malaysia:

  • Plain Nasi Lemak (644 calories) + Fried Chicken (290 calories) = 934 calories
  • Roti Canai + Dhal  = 359 calories
  • Roti Telur + Dhal  = 414 calories
  • 2 pieces of Curry Puff = 256 calories

*Recommended calories intake/per meal: Women = 500 calories, Men = 600 calories


Written by Aishar

Edited by Bill, Carol

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