Don’t Feast on Calories (too much)!

In just two days, the arrival of the month of Syawal will arrive at our doorstep. This means endless invitations to open houses with various selections of delightful dishes, cookies and drinks. When attending these open houses, the host surely will serve a variety of savory and scrumptious food such as beef or chicken rendang, lemang, serunding, lontong and other home-cooked delicacies that will entice anyone to over indulge. Having said that, an occasion like this is hard to avoid as Malaysian love eating foods that are high in sodium, sugar and fat.

While Malaysians enjoy these mouthwatering delicacies to feast upon once a year during this season, they should eat normally and not go overboard. Even during Hari Raya, Malaysians can opt for a balanced dieting by eating in moderation and being selective while consuming a wide variety of food. By that, according to Kevin Zahri who is a Malaysian fitness guru, eat moderately and take cautious of the calories intake of the foods so that Malaysians can still relish on Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

 lemang 1x Lemang (35g) 82 kcal
tumblr_lobsir4K481qmd4s8o1_540 1x Lontong (bowl) 350kcal
17859657629_285e431456_b 1x Raya Cookies 35 kcal
palas 1x Ketupat Palas 124 kcal
Ketupat2 1x Ketupat (80g) 88 kcal
serundingseluas Chicken Serunding (55g) 180 kcal
satay Chicken Satay (per serving) 283 kcal
rendang Chicken Rendang (100g) 474 kcal

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