Five reasons why you should be drinking green tea after a workout

We all know that green tea is actually good for you. From being a wonder ingredient to health supplements and skin care products, this drink definitely has properties that your body will thank you for.

We’re listing down 5 reasons why you should be making green tea a part of your healthy lifestyle along with Impulse Training twice a week! 😉

It makes your metabolism faster

And who doesn’t want that? It contains Epigallocatechin Gallate which is a substance that makes your metabolism work at a quicker rate! A faster metabolism helps you burn more during a workout and allows you to eat more – guilt free!

It relaxes you – a lot

Green tea slows down your heart rate, making it a good after-workout drink. Just remember to replenish your H2O supply first as you can be quite dehydrated after an intense routine!

It has very few calories

And these said calories don’t even come from fat! They are easily burned too. Just walk for 9 seconds after downing your cuppa and you’re good!

It helps you burn fat

Green tea also has ingredients that help you break down fat which is necessary for it to be burned. It helps produce the hormone called norepinephrine which signals the brain to tell fat cells that it’s time for them to break down and get burned!

It balances your sugar levels

Thus, keeping your energy levels stable which is much needed for intense workouts such as Impulse Training! 

Are you a green tea drinker? Let us know how it’s been helping you out in the comments section below!


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