5 Important Tips on Building Muscle

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At Impulse Studio, we help you to get lean, get stronger, and build muscles. With only twenty minutes of training twice a week and if you follow these simple lifestyle tips, we guarantee that you’ll be on your way to fitness in no time!

  1. Get yourself some protein.
    • It is extremely important that you have a regular protein intake when you’re working out regularly so you have something to burn during your sessions. Spread your protein in-take throughout the day and don’t forget to balance it out with healthy carbs. Too much protein can lead to kidney stones!
  2. Don’t starve yourself.
    • A common mistake of people who work out is that they tend to eat less. This is wrong. Eat the right amount of healthy food. Portion your meals, and eat them regularly (small, frequent meals are always the best!). To make sure you have enough fuel for that workout. Load up on nutrients after your training as well. That’s when your body needs it most!
  3. Get enough sleep.
    • Aim for seven hours everyday and try to extend for 8 whenever you can. Your body needs time to recover, heal itself, and build your muscles.
  4. Kill the routine.
    • Don’t focus on doing the same thing over and over. Learn to up the ante with your workout and challenge yourself to do something harder. At Impulse Studio, we plan your workout according to your fitness levels – as you get stronger, we make it harder for you.
  5. Train harder as you age.
    • While it’s never too late, it’s best to start as early as you can. Research says that we tend to lose muscle starting in our thirties so you better get on the fitness track as soon as you can to keep everything in place and just maintain them.

Do come back to this space for more healthy lifestyle tips and tricks!


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