Exercising: Should you go bare foot?


Exercising with your bare feet is nothing new. In fact, it’s been gaining popularity for quite a while now. While exercising barefoot is the norm for swimmers, divers, and yoga practitioners, some runners and others who do outdoor exercises are starting to try it.

This, after evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman said that your favourite pair of running shoes that you spent hundreds of ringgits on might actually be more harmful than helpful.

He says most running shoes today alter your stride by making each step land with your heel first instead of your toes.

Other doctors claim that wearing shoes all day actually makes your feet – particularly your arch – weaker.

However, barefoot exercise also has risks like injuries from from the lack of protection your feet have. To be honest, we’ll think twice as well when it comes to running around a park without shoes on!

The case isn’t the same for indoor exercises, though! You’re a lot safer from accidentally stepping on a cigarette butt left behind by someone who illegally smoked in the park last night.

Doing usual exercises indoors such as squats, push ups, and in-place sprints will be a lot easier. Balance will come a lot easily and your feet will get stronger. Plus, you don’t have to fork out a huge sum of money for a pair of gym shoes. It’s nice to have an exercise option that keeps you from buying expensive gym gear, doesn’t it?

At Impulse Studio, our members enjoy the fact that they don’t have to buy any exercise equipment from head to toe as the garments, towels, and other things that you might need during training are provided. They also do the training with bare feet so aside from developing muscles and getting toned all over, we also help them develop their balance and strengthen their feet.

See you on our mats soon!


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