5 Reasons Why Couples Who Workout Together, Stay Together

It’s always a lot more fun to workout with a loved one – especially your special someone, right? Someone to give you a bit of inspiration while you push yourself harder for each set of workouts! 😉

At Impulse Studio, we do get a lot of couples who request to workout together and we find it great seeing them bond over getting fit and strong! So we compiled a list of things why couples who work out together, stay together! 😉

You fight less than most other couples

When you exercise, you release endorphins which trigger a positive feeling on your body – it’s kinda like happiness on steroids. And you know what they say about happy people – they pick less fights and forgive easily!

Seeing each other sweat doesn’t disgust you

Working out together eliminates the notion that the two of you look perfect 24/7. You’re sweaty, you’re having a hard time, you’re making weird facial expressions, and you’re making noises that suggest you’re about to give up. But since you’re going through the same workout and ‘suffering’ at the same time, it makes such fantasy notions of each other go away.

You can be sweaty and it’s A-Ok! There’s always the glorious feeling of the massage and then being in the shower after a workout.

Your gym dates are not only fun – you get fitter too 

While other couples gain more weight by pigging out during dates, you and your beau are bonding over fitness and getting stronger. Impulse Training can also improve your stamina which is useful for… a lot of things. 😉

Friendly competition never hurts

While your special someone’s presence is already enough to motivate you, having a bit of friendly competition with him/her is much more fun. Who gets to do a plank for a longer period of time? It makes for a great reason to push yourself further and you can even tease or cheer each other on! Depends on what’s on today’s agenda!

You’re probably on the same diet

You know how hard it is to diet when your significant other is in front of you eating loads and loads of junk food? If you’re working out together, it is easier to make a commitment for a healthier lifestyle together. You don’t have to cook two separate meals and you can have cheat days together!

Bonus: You totally understand each other

Muscle soreness? That feeling you get when you’re itching to go to the gym? He/she will get it too! Being on the same page when it comes to fitness is not just a convenience, it’s a motivation!

So, see you and your partner soon!


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