Impulse Studio teams up with Happy Fresh to give you FRESH food – FAST

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Hey everyone! Boy, do we have great news for you.

We know the feeling of being so busy, you just don’t have enough time for everything else! We at Impulse Studio know that time is always of the essence – that’s why our workouts are designed to give you maximum results with only minimum time spent (20 minutes!).

We decided to team up with another company that respects how valuable your time is – Happy Fresh!

They are a company that delivers fresh grocery items to your doorstep within an hour!

While Impulse Studio doesn’t promote strict dieting and depriving yourself, we promote eating good food! And we want only the freshest ones for you guys. So when you do find yourself way too busy and having no time to pick up fresh veggies for that meal you wanted to cook, don’t settle for junk or fast food. Order your ingredients via Happy Fresh! 😉

If you use our code, you’ll also get RM30 off your purchases that are over RM130! The best part of this code? You can use it for up to 3 times!

Just key in:


during the order process! It’s that simple!

At Impulse, we don’t just care about how you look after a workout. We care about your whole well-being that’s why we want you to eat fresh. 😉 And after that really good meal you prepared for yourself, how about you book a session to burn all the calories? 😉

We’ll be seeing you soon!

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