How to give fitness-related gifts without being offensive

Give the gift of

We all have that one (or more) family member that needs to get healthier and of course, the holidays won’t be helping either. You would love to give them a gym membership to get back on track but of course – you don’t want to offend them!

Here are our 5 Tips in doing so!

  • Ask yourself – do they actually want the gift?

Have they been complaining about their weight or lack of strength? Have they been talking about going to the gym but it’s just that it’s either too expensive for them or that they don’t have the time? These indicators make it easy. They will definitely appreciate your gift!

  • If they’re in denial…

Are they the type that will get offended if their weight is mentioned? How about their lack of strength? Casually tell them how working out or getting out more often has benefitted you or your friends and that though they look good in any shape, you would want them to be healthier and to have more strength throughout the day!

  • Get them something that is not just for weight loss

Getting fit is not just about weight loss! It’s also about health and being a lot stronger. Get them a workout that doesn’t promote dieting as a partner in their journey to fitness. At Impulse, we believe that you can as much as you want as long as you work hard burn all the calories after!

  • Get yourself the same gift and go with them!

Hit two birds with one stone and get healthy with them! If you also tell them that you’re going to workout and not just them, it makes them feel that you are not making fun of their weight but you emphatise with them as you also want to get stronger too!

  • Don’t forget a sweet note

A sweet note with the gift explaining your intentions (powered by love, of course!) will make it all good!



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