New Year, New You!

By now, we’re sure you’ve already made your resolutions. You must have told your friends already or you might have written it somewhere. Now that it’s out there, the next challenge begins – keeping these resolutions.

If your resolutions this year include keeping fit, we know that it’s one of the hardest ones to keep. We’ve been there too! And of course, e wouldn’t want you quitting the fitness journey only 6 months in! We want you fit and healthy for the long term!

Here are some ways you can keep your fitness resolutions this year:

  1. Find a workout that suits your lifestyle. Are you a busy bee? Do you have enough time to maintain a gym membership or to do that body combat class? Do you enjoy dance and flexibility classes? Can you only do Impulse Training which is 20 minutes, twice a week? Your fitness journey should complement your lifestyle and vice versa to make the adjustment easier for you.
  2. Find a fitness partner. It could be your girlfriend, a friend from work, a sibling – anyone, really! You need someone to cheer you on or a have a little friendly competition with to keep things interesting.
  3. Eat a little bit of what you love everyday. We all tried to diet at least once in our lives. We also dedicated cheat days during those dieting periods. However, depriving yourself makes it easier for you to actually binge eat – and that is never helpful. It’s better to have a small bite of that chocolate once a day rather than eating several bars in just one go.
  4. Learn to recognise actual hunger from boredom. A lot of us tend to reach for junk food when we’re doing nothing. Keep yourself busy by doing things that are interesting for you. Pick up a hobby. Or if you find yourself craving for some potato chips, go take a shower or read. Check yourself later on whether you’re still hungry or if the craving goes away.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up. Of course, you will be setting some goals for yourself. But in case you didn’t lose 5 pounds in a month, don’t feel bad about it. Take it slow and set realistic goals.

Happy New Year once again from your Impulse Studio family!


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