Healthy Chinese Food? It’s possible!


With the approaching Chinese New Year comes the thought of the feast(s) we will be having with our families.

If you’ve been working out, there will be a struggle when it comes to your food intake. The horror of losing all the muscle you’ve worked so hard to get – only for it to be replaced by fat!

But not to worry. Your friends at Impulse Studio are here to the rescue. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help you make the dishes you will be serving for the Fire Monkey’s arrival help your body while tasting oh-so good

Ditch white rice and go for brown!

What’s Chinese food without rice?! We know it’s practically impossible to ditch rice for Chinese cooking so instead of boycotting it, opt for brown rice instead of the usual white. Brown rice has more fibre and is less starchy!

Don’t hold back on the garlic

Recent studies say garlic has a significant impact on reducing blood pressure. If you’re hypertensive, make sure you also have supplements as back up. It will greatly help you! With garlic being one of Chinese food’s corner stones, we really won’t hold it against you if you go crazy while adding it to your stir-fry dishes.

Speaking of stir-fry, it’s also a good option

This method of cooking actually locks in nutrients! Make sure you are using fresh ingredients and lean meat!

Cook from scratch

While it will take more time and effort on your part, imagine the look on your relatives’ faces when you tell them that the dish they are eating was made by you from scratch – no instant mixes and sauces involved! Way to impress your snooty aunt and keep yourself from downing unhealthy ingredients!

Dim sum

If you want to control on your food intake for a bit, opt for steamed dim sum. Nope, not fried. Steamed! Try your best to choose seafood rather than pork fillings though.

Try to use chicken rather than pork

Sweet and Sour Pork? How about Sweet and Sour Chicken Breast! Less calories and fat, more protein for you!

Give tofu some love

Add it to your stir-fry to give you a bit of calcium and protein.

Balance is key

Learn to eat just a tiny bit of everything. This way, you don’t deprive yourself and you don’t overeat as well.

After the holidays, do visit the gym as well to burn off calories. That’s always a must. You’re body will thank you for it as well. We hope to see you in our gym soon!




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