Keep Your Cool This Summer (Tips)

Is the heat killing you? Like you, we have also been at the mercy of this El Niño phenomenon and we’ve been seeking the comforts of air conditioning in our studios as well. 

However, there are ways to keep your cool this season. We rounded up some tips for you in this edition of our blog and newsletter!


Something that we all keep hearing but keep failing at. While 8 glasses a day are considered the norm, you should be increasing your water intake in this heat. Also have some fruit juices to give yourself a boost in the vitamins and minerals department.

Choose cotton

Wear light, breathable fabric and ditch dark colours as they will attract more heat.

Push the hot air out

Your fans may just be swirling hot air around in your room. If you have box fans, make them face the window say they can push the hot air out. Also, get your ceiling fans to turn counter clockwise. This way, it will also pull the hot air up and away from you.

Turn off unused appliances

Appliances have motors and those things emit heat. When your not using your computer, give it a rest and let it cool by turning it off. If you do this to all your appliances that aren’t in use, your room and even your whole house will be quite cooler! You also save a lot on energy.

And just in case it’s not so obvious yet, the same principle also applies to lights!

Cool food

Eat food that keeps you chilled-out during the summer. There’s our favourite cendol, fresh cucumbers, watermelons, apples, pineapples, etc.

That’s it for now. We don’t want to keep you for too long. Go outside! Enjoy the summer! And don’t forget to squeeze in a workout! 😉

Your Impulse Studio Family


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