Cendol: The Healthier Version


We do love our sweets and nothing makes this heat more bearable than a serving of cendol. This popular, crushed ice dessert is perfect for this season. However, it is known to be quite a sugar and calorie pot.

We list down our ingredients for a healthier version of cendol. Just adjust the quantities as to however you like!


Red kidney beans

Green cendol jelly

Fruit toppings (dragon fruit, mangoes, whatever you may like)

Light coconut milk

Low fat milk



Make sure you put the ice in the bowl first followed by the cendol jelly and red kidney beans, low fat milk and coconut milk, fruits, then drizzle them with honey on top. Using fruits and honey instead of gula melaka and other sugars makes this a healthier version! You’re also consuming great vitamins, minerals, and calcium through the milk. Make sure you use less coconut milk than the low fat milk too so you can reduce the fat a bit.


Your Impulse Studio Family


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