5 Ways to Kickstart your Post Eid Fitness Routine!

Did you eat a lot during Hari Raya (Eid’l Fitri)? It’s quite impossible not to with all the celebrations left and right. It is quite safe to assume that you may have taken a few steps back when it comes to your fitness progress.

At Impulse Studio, we feel you. But there is no need to worry! Post-Raya (Eid) is actually a great time to kickstart your body back into a fitness routine. Maybe an even better one to the one you have prior to the holiday! Here are some tips to get you started:

Ever thought of going on a cleanse? Now is the time to do so! Malaysian food is known for being loaded with calories. Coconut milk? Lots of rice? It’s so fattening but so hard to resist! Give your body the detox it needs by pumping it with organic greens and juices. New to detox? Take it slow! You can opt to just replace one meal a day with juice and just promise to eat clean for the rest of the day. Especially since you were so used to eating a lot the past few days.

With that said, our next tip is don’t starve yourself. Your body was so used to a lot of food intake, starving yourself now will do you more harm than good. Crash diets mess up your metabolism, giving it a slower rate and that is no good in the long run! Eat good, clean food with proper portions. A bit of protein, a bit of carbs to keep your body going through the day, and some healthy dessert.

Don’t forget to workout! High intensity workouts such as Impulse Training can help you wake your sleep muscles up and boost your metabolism. It’s the quickest, most effectove way! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that you can do at home will also help you out!

Do something for your body even when you’re feeling lazy. Already did Impulse Training or HIIT the day before? Still needing some time for your muscles to recuperate? Take it slow on some days but try to go for a dip in the pool and do some relaxed laps. It will increase your heart and metabolic rate while you enjoy some quality time with your thoughts.

Be consistent. Don’t just start something then get lazy. Be determined from day one. Not believing in your capabilities equates to setting yourself up for failure. Consult with your trainer. Draw up a schedule and stick to it! Did you feel sad when you noticed that you gained some weight and lost some muscle during the holiday? Use that as your motivation!

See you in our studios soon and good luck on your fitness journey!


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