A British medical journal called the Lancet says almost half of the Malaysian population – 49% of women and 44% of men – are obese. The numbers are also increasing every year.

One of the reasons why the obesity rate keeps going up is due to the awesome food we have here. It’s so hard not indulge when there’s a mamak in every corner!

For this coming Malaysia day, Impulse Studio is encouraging Malaysians to fight obesity and get started on their own fitness journey!

At Impulse Studio, we don’t encourage people to starve themselves to fitness. We actually want you to eat more meat for protein and muscle building! We also believe that there is nothing wrong with indulging every now and then.

At only 20 minutes a session, twice a week, you can get stronger and fitter! Impulse (EMS) Training makes exercise much more intense and effective when compared to conventional fitness training. It’s gym without the weights topped with a cool training suit to boot.

It is perfect for any age as it is gentle to your joints. No one is too old to get started anyway so do come join us this September and start the journey to healthier, fitter you.


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