Enjoy your Personalized Protein Shake at Impulse Studio


BodyShake™ is a transformative, 21st century German sports nutrition and technology company. We have built a flexible cloud-based software platform and combined it with state of the art hardware and the highest quality nutrition to leverage all the advantages of a bricks and mortar protein shake bar, without staff, material space demands or high costs.  We offer the online user experience of the web mixed with the instant gratification of retail in a compact, highly cost efficient package.


Increase Your Sales

  • The machine is a customer magnet.
  • Covers all kinds of payment options.
  • Targeted marketing towards customers.
  • Additional revenue through on-screen advertising.
  • Increase sales by efficiently managing machine inventory, prices, advertising, etc…

High Quality Protein from Germany

  • A unique shake experience only available at your site.
  • Wide range of exclusive flavors.
  • Only the highest quality nutrition.
  • Temperature control for perfect shakes in all seasons.
  • Give your customer the freedom of choice.
  • Full transparency for educated choices.
  • Save customers time using the ShakeCreator™ companion app.
  • Extended customer experience outside the gym – stay in touch with your customers.

Lower your Costs

  • Easy handling – little time at the machine cleaning & filling.
  • Serving shakes without staff.
  • Automated nutritional consulting.
  • Manage time at the machine efficiently – only be there when needed (alerts).


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