Why is Impulse Training much more effective than conventional Weight training? 

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Be gentle on your joints with EMS Training…

The EMS full-body workout activates over 90% of the muscles fibers at the same time during each contraction! As oppose to conventional weight training, deeper muscles are demanded, as well. That enhances intra- and intercellular coordination. Therefore, the training produces an effect much more rapidly and effectively than conventional weight training. The training effect with EMS training can be up 18 times better than with conventional weight training.  So why using heavy weights? no need!


Impulse Studio sponsors the KL City Run on the 26th of Feb 2017

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Impulse Training improves speed significantly. EMS has been successfully used to support endurance training efforts for professional and amateur athletes.

Training for a big marathon this summer? Maybe it’s an Ironman, a half-triathlon or an Olympic race. Whatever distance it is, you know that you will need to put heavier-than-usual loads on your body to meet the training plan.

Do you feel the stress already? What are the chances you will get to the starting line with no injury? Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) may be the final piece in your training plan puzzle to stay healthy, not just for the race, but for the entire season.

In the late 18th century, medical pioneers learned that electrical current in the body caused muscles to contract. By the 1960’s, Soviet coaches were using EMS as an integral part of their elite athletes training regimens. Over the course of several decades, the coaches claimed and various research projects showed that treatments produced remarkable gains in the power output of the people in their programs.