3rd Year Anniversary Promo, only for limited time

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Referral Days for 2016 are Here!

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Because we want you and your friends to get fitter and stronger! Come by to our studios from the 28th-30th of August! Trial sessions are free for first timers and packages bought via referrals will get a whopping 30% discount!

50 sessions for only RM3,999 instead of RM5,699! This promo applies to our existing clients and their referrals.

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Let’s spread the fitness bug and let everyone get into the quickest, most reliable way to lose fat and build muscle without the weights! See you at our studios!

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Keep Your Cool This Summer (Tips)

Is the heat killing you? Like you, we have also been at the mercy of this El Niño phenomenon and we’ve been seeking the comforts of air conditioning in our studios as well. 

However, there are ways to keep your cool this season. We rounded up some tips for you in this edition of our blog and newsletter!


Something that we all keep hearing but keep failing at. While 8 glasses a day are considered the norm, you should be increasing your water intake in this heat. Also have some fruit juices to give yourself a boost in the vitamins and minerals department.

Choose cotton

Wear light, breathable fabric and ditch dark colours as they will attract more heat.

Push the hot air out

Your fans may just be swirling hot air around in your room. If you have box fans, make them face the window say they can push the hot air out. Also, get your ceiling fans to turn counter clockwise. This way, it will also pull the hot air up and away from you.

Turn off unused appliances

Appliances have motors and those things emit heat. When your not using your computer, give it a rest and let it cool by turning it off. If you do this to all your appliances that aren’t in use, your room and even your whole house will be quite cooler! You also save a lot on energy.

And just in case it’s not so obvious yet, the same principle also applies to lights!

Cool food

Eat food that keeps you chilled-out during the summer. There’s our favourite cendol, fresh cucumbers, watermelons, apples, pineapples, etc.

That’s it for now. We don’t want to keep you for too long. Go outside! Enjoy the summer! And don’t forget to squeeze in a workout! 😉

Your Impulse Studio Family

Healthy Chinese Food? It’s possible!


With the approaching Chinese New Year comes the thought of the feast(s) we will be having with our families.

If you’ve been working out, there will be a struggle when it comes to your food intake. The horror of losing all the muscle you’ve worked so hard to get – only for it to be replaced by fat!

But not to worry. Your friends at Impulse Studio are here to the rescue. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help you make the dishes you will be serving for the Fire Monkey’s arrival help your body while tasting oh-so good

Ditch white rice and go for brown!

What’s Chinese food without rice?! We know it’s practically impossible to ditch rice for Chinese cooking so instead of boycotting it, opt for brown rice instead of the usual white. Brown rice has more fibre and is less starchy!

Don’t hold back on the garlic

Recent studies say garlic has a significant impact on reducing blood pressure. If you’re hypertensive, make sure you also have supplements as back up. It will greatly help you! With garlic being one of Chinese food’s corner stones, we really won’t hold it against you if you go crazy while adding it to your stir-fry dishes.

Speaking of stir-fry, it’s also a good option

This method of cooking actually locks in nutrients! Make sure you are using fresh ingredients and lean meat!

Cook from scratch

While it will take more time and effort on your part, imagine the look on your relatives’ faces when you tell them that the dish they are eating was made by you from scratch – no instant mixes and sauces involved! Way to impress your snooty aunt and keep yourself from downing unhealthy ingredients!

Dim sum

If you want to control on your food intake for a bit, opt for steamed dim sum. Nope, not fried. Steamed! Try your best to choose seafood rather than pork fillings though.

Try to use chicken rather than pork

Sweet and Sour Pork? How about Sweet and Sour Chicken Breast! Less calories and fat, more protein for you!

Give tofu some love

Add it to your stir-fry to give you a bit of calcium and protein.

Balance is key

Learn to eat just a tiny bit of everything. This way, you don’t deprive yourself and you don’t overeat as well.

After the holidays, do visit the gym as well to burn off calories. That’s always a must. You’re body will thank you for it as well. We hope to see you in our gym soon!



Ni Hao, Shanghai!

Source: http://hilanders.se/news/hilanders-says-ni-hao-shanghai/

Hello, everyone! We are just so glad to share with you our awesome news!


Our 7th studio has recently opened in Shanghai, China under the name XBody Impulse! So for anyone of you who’s in Shanghai right now or those who have friends and family there – go try it out!

We are located inside Hubin Dao Shopping Mall! The address is:

150 Hubin Lu, near Jian Lu Huang district (黄浦区湖滨路150号湖滨道购物中, 近吉安路)

You can also call the studio at + 86-21-63339218 to schedule your appointment!




The new studio is equipped with our XBody machines and you will also be trained on a one on one basis – just like here in Malaysia.

We have trainers in Shanghai that also went through intensive training to help you get stronger and toned!

It only takes 20 minutes per session, twice a week! Perfect for the hectic Shanghai lifestyle!

Here’s to #ImpulseTraining reaching more people this year!



How to give fitness-related gifts without being offensive

Give the gift of

We all have that one (or more) family member that needs to get healthier and of course, the holidays won’t be helping either. You would love to give them a gym membership to get back on track but of course – you don’t want to offend them!

Here are our 5 Tips in doing so!

  • Ask yourself – do they actually want the gift?

Have they been complaining about their weight or lack of strength? Have they been talking about going to the gym but it’s just that it’s either too expensive for them or that they don’t have the time? These indicators make it easy. They will definitely appreciate your gift!

  • If they’re in denial…

Are they the type that will get offended if their weight is mentioned? How about their lack of strength? Casually tell them how working out or getting out more often has benefitted you or your friends and that though they look good in any shape, you would want them to be healthier and to have more strength throughout the day!

  • Get them something that is not just for weight loss

Getting fit is not just about weight loss! It’s also about health and being a lot stronger. Get them a workout that doesn’t promote dieting as a partner in their journey to fitness. At Impulse, we believe that you can as much as you want as long as you work hard burn all the calories after!

  • Get yourself the same gift and go with them!

Hit two birds with one stone and get healthy with them! If you also tell them that you’re going to workout and not just them, it makes them feel that you are not making fun of their weight but you emphatise with them as you also want to get stronger too!

  • Don’t forget a sweet note

A sweet note with the gift explaining your intentions (powered by love, of course!) will make it all good!